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How to contact me

Klaus Bung
68 Brantfell Road
Blackburn BB1-8DL

Tel/Fax: 00-44-(0)1254-261 009
Email: klaus.bung@btclick.com

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Terms and conditions


Rights offered:

One-time rights. You may use this in English or translate it into the language of your newspaper.



I accept your usual rates. Cheque in any currency accepted but preferably: British pound sterling, Euro, US dollar. (Also Rupees from newspapers in India.) Email me before sending money.



Please notify me before going to print.


Proof copy:

I request a cutting of my published article or a proof copy of your publication.


About the author:

Biographical note 'About the author':
see end of this file.



© Klaus Bung



German versions can sometimes be provided (24 hours' notice)

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About the author

Klaus Bung was born in Germany but has spent most of his life in England. He studied at Cambridge University (England). A linguist by training, he has developed effective methods of foreign language learning and speaks (more or less well) most Western European languages, and is keenly interested in international literature. Apart from reading, writing and photography, he loves travel, music, visual arts, women (who therefore call him a 'feminist'), walking, meeting new people, drifting aimlessly in strange cities, staying on top of the new technologies and observing the absurdities of life. He now devotes himself to literature and writes poetry, fiction, essays and a diary in which he tries to record the irrelevant minutiae of the life surrounding him. He writes mainly in English, but sometimes in German.

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