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0003 Church of England refuses to support war-mongers
0002 The glories of democracy     
0001 The conversion



0003 Church of England refuses to support war-mongers

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Alternative titles:
- Church of England refuses to support war-mongers.
- English churches commemorate 11 September
- 11 September: English churches teach through silence
- Blackburn commemorates 11 September
- A multi-ethnic community remembers 11 September

Editorial introduction: Blackburn is one hour north of Manchester, in the North West of England. 20% of its population is Muslim. There is also a small Hindu and Sikh community. Generally Blackburnians are calm and live together in harmony. There are even some very close friendships between Muslims and non-Muslims. Klaus Bung describes how Blackburnians commemorated 11 Sep at their Cathedral.

0002 The glories of democracy

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It has been argued that the USA need not be subject to the newly established International Criminal Court because it is a democracy and democracies do not commit war crimes. Klaus Bung looks at this fond belief from a historical perspective.

0001 The conversion

Length: 779 words = 3515 characters

Summary: Of two Muslim twin brothers from Bradford one becomes a Christian. Some years later the two meet in order to decide once and for all which is the true faith. (Based on a German story by Johann Peter Hebel.)